Red Ribbon Week | Oct. 25 - 29

Red Ribbon Week
Celebrate Red Ribbon Week with our book fair and these awesome dress-up days!

MONDAY,  Oct. 25  |  Drug-free looks like me!  Wear something you love that makes you happy!

TUESDAY, Oct. 26  |  Being Drug-Free is NO SWEAT!  Wear sweatpants!

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 27  |  Grandparent's Lunch.  We are CRAZY about our family! Wear a Harmon Shirt and invite your grandparents to lunch!

THURSDAY, Oct. 28 |  Follow your dreams. Wear your pajamas. 

FRIDAY, Oct. 29  |  Celebrate READING Parade.  Dress up as your favorite book or book character.  Parade starts at 8:15 AM.