Audio Visual Club

AV Club creates a daily video announcement that is viewed by students and staff. The purpose of the announcements is to keep everyone informed about events going on campus or in the community, to remind staff and students about information relevant to their day, to reemphasize campus goals, and to celebrate the Harmon community.

Sponsor: Crystal De La Cruz, Librarian

Get on Board

Get on Board brings students together through board games, allowing them to practice team building, while getting to know one another. Get on Board is offered to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students.

Sponsors: Jordan Craver, P.E. Aide & Debra Little, Music Aide

Battle of the Books

Students will read five books that vary in genre, level and theme. As a club, we discuss the books in detail, the students create their own questions to challenge, they also test their knowledge with online quizzes. The Final 5-6 students compete in a district competition. 

Sponsors: Amber Hutchison, 4th Grade Teacher & Melanie Moore, 3rd Grade Teacher

Boys 2 Men

Boys 2 Men provide 3rd and 4th grade boys with the opportunity to build good character and leadership habits, establish long term goals and fulfill shot term goals and connect to the community, as well as have meaningful social interactions.

Sponsor: Jimmie Altman, 3rd Grade Teacher

Crazy 8 Math Club

Crazy 8's Math Club is an after-school Math club that helps students enjoy the Math behind their favorite activities. It is nothing like your usual Math club. The club is designed to help students reduce their anxiety about Math and have fun. Students build glow-in-the-dark structures, crack secret spy codes and play games like Toilet Paper Olympics.

Sponsors: Lisa St. Clair, Math Specialist & Shawna VanderCook, Math Interventionist.

Choir - Harmonics

Students further their knowledge of repertoire and learn techniques that will help them later on in their music career if they choose to take more music classes. Choir also encourages students to work together with other students they may not associate with outside the organization.

Sponsor: Elizabeth Peralez, Music Teacher


Focus is a club that teaches 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students, how to communicate positively in order to complete and be successful in games and activities. 

Sponsor: Chelsea Bruce, P.E. Coach/Teacher

Harmon Cheerleading

The cheerleading team cheers at each of the boys basketball games.  The cheer team is comprised of 3rd and 4th grade girls. Girls must sign a contract and maintain good standing with grades, citizenship, and show commitment to the team. The main purpose is to cheer for the boys, but it also creates self-esteem and helps to facilitate pride in the school.

Sponsor: Lauren Castleberry, 3rd Grade Teacher & Kamesha Williams, 4th Grade Teacher

Harmon Hawks Boys Basketball

Harmon Hawks Boys Basketball team provides 3rd and 4th grade boys with the opportunity to  be a part of a basketball team, learn fundamental basketball skills and build team comradely.

Sponsor: Jimmie Altman, 3rd Grade Teacher

Jam Session

Students learn music techniques and focus on instruments they may not get to play in a large group setting during regular class time. Students are also able to show their singing and dancing skills in a smaller group setting. Jam Session is offered to 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students.

Sponsor: Elizabeth Peralez, Music Teacher

Library Assistants

Students help organize, shelve books, and maintain library organization. They assist younger students in finding books and checking out. They also work around with classes in the library and outside the library as needed. They help with other special projects as needed.

Sponsor: Crystal De La Cruz, Librarian

Mr. Lynn's Picasso Art Club

The purpose of the art club is to promote a growing appreciation for art in the community and in our school. It gives students an opportunity to work on special art projects and to share art experiences with their fellow students. Mr. Lynn's Picasso Art Club is offered to 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students.

Sponsor: Jerry Lynn, Art Teacher

Rover Readers

At Glenn Harmon Elementary, we have the Rover Reader Program. Therapy dogs and their trainers come to talk with and listen to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders read to them.  The Rover Reader Program is designed to help reluctant readers to read aloud with confidence and build reading fluency. We have trainers from Pet Partners and Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs. Because the trainers are retired teachers and counselors, there is a mentorship component as well. The students love this program! Who wouldn’t love having the undivided attention of a furry friend?

Sponsor: Trenell Scott, Assistant Principal

Tech Club

The Tech Club is offered to 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students who want to learn about technology. The purpose of the Tech Club is to promote growth and expand knowledge in technology skills such as computer basics, coding and fun technology activities. 

Sponsor: Jeannelle Rivera, Technology Teacher